PolitiFact: Christie "false" on San Bernardino

PolitiFact: Christie "false" on San Bernardino
Posted at 3:13 AM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 06:20:13-05

Most of the GOP field met Thursday night in Des Moines, Iowa for the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses next week. We've teamed up with PolitiFact to put the candidates statements to the test.

So, how truthful were some of the major claims?


Chris Christie on San Bernardino shooting

Terrorism threats to the U.S. turned from Islamic extremists abroad to attacks here at home, specifically the San Bernardino shooting in December. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked about the hesitation of the shooter's neighbors to report suspicious activity.

The neighbors "knew that they were talking about trying to take our country and attack it," Christie said.


PolitiFact rating: False

Our panel of fact-checkers found Christie jumbled the details, rating his statement false. Looking back at reports, there was no mention of a neighbor becoming suspicious of the shooters, let alone a neighbor who thought an attack was being planned. 

The most reported was a neighbor of a neighbor of one of the shooter's mothers, who tole police there was suspicious activity prior to the shooting.


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