Majority of Western New York state lawmakers support Governor Cuomo impeachment

Posted at 5:20 PM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-05 10:55:49-04

Here's how all 18 western New York lawmakers responded to 7 Eyewitness News about whether they would vote to impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo after the New York attorney general found he sexually harassed 11 current and former employees:

Western New York Democrats:

Senator Tim Kennedy tweeted the following: “I said it 6 months ago, and stand by it today tenfold. The @NewYorkStateAG’s investigation shows a clear pattern of unethical, inappropriate, and downright disgusting behavior. The courageous women who shared their stories deserve justice and accountability. Resign.” A spokeswoman said he is also calling on the Assembly to proceed with the impeachment process. But, he isn’t saying whether the Senate should do the same because Kennedy would be a juror at trial.

Senator Sean Ryan: — Ryan released a statement saying if Cuomo doesn’t resign, then he should be impeached. “It is incumbent upon the assembly and senate to remove him from office.”

Assemblyman Patrick Burke — He was the first western New York lawmaker to call for Cuomo’s resignation in March. He is calling for him to resign or be impeached.

Assemblyman Jonathan Rivera —He said Cuomo should reign or be impeached.

Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes —She said he should resign but doesn’t believe he will. She is not calling for impeachment, yet. A spokesman for the Majority Leader said a lot has to happen before reaching that point.

Assemblywoman Karen McMahon —She has called for Cuomo to resign. She sits on the judiciary committee, so she is withholding impeachment stance pending committee investigation outcome.

Assemblywoman Monica Wallace —She also said he should resign. But, she sits on Judiciary Committee and won’t comment on an impeachment stance.

Assemblyman William Conrad —He said Cuomo should resign or be impeached. He “considers the governor unfit for office.”

Western New York Republicans

Nine local GOP lawmakers said Cuomo should be impeached if he doesn’t resign.

Assemblyman Mike Norris is the only one not yet calling for an impeachment since he sits on the Judiciary Committee:

"I called for the Governor to resign on March 8th. After reviewing the Attorney General’s conclusions, my position has not changed. The Governor must resign immediately. Due to my position on the Assembly Judiciary Committee, I am unable to comment on impeachment proceedings or details involving the judiciary committee’s investigation into sexual harassment, nursing home deaths, and other matters, as this is an ongoing and sensitive investigation. However, the impeachment investigation must be wrapped up expeditiously for the people of the state of New York."