Gubernatorial hopeful Molinaro lays out plans for New York State

Posted at 12:50 PM, Apr 04, 2018

Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro was in Buffalo Wednesday on what he's calling the "Believe Again Kickoff Tour."

At a news conference at the Erie County Republican Headquarters, Molinaro outlined his plans for New York State should be become governor in November.

Molinaro is currently the Dutchess County Executive in the Southeastern part of the state and including Poughkeepsie.

Molinaro said he believes Albany needs an overhaul and is calling for an independent ethics committee with real enforcement power to keep politicians and government agencies in check.

He also wants to establish term limits, saying leaders need to be held accountable and earn back the public trust.

The gubernatorial hopeful referenced the recent trial and guilty verdict of one of Governor Cuomo's former aides, Joesph Percoco, as one of the reasons the state needs ethics reform and a new leader to do it.

"Corruption had reached the highest levels of government and there was an unwillingness by this governor to confront it honestly and openly, and that needs to happen," Molinaro said.

Molinaro also said he wants to make New York more affordable by lowering taxes for both businesses and residents, saying high taxes are detrimental to job growth.

Molinaro also stressed the need to develop and support opportunities for New Yorkers of all abilities, using his daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, as an example. He would also work to overhaul poverty programs and opioid addiction programs.

Molinaro joins a growing pool of gubernatorial candidates. In addition to incumbent Governor Cuomo, former actress Cynthia Nixon has declared her candidacy for the democratic ticket and former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra is running on the Independent line.

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