Political sign controversy on Grand Island

Posted at 6:52 PM, Sep 22, 2015

There is a growing controversy on Grand Island concerning the placement of political signs.  Upset candidates claim that town enforcement officers are being sent out by incumbent officials to remove political signs from challengers.

Town officials say they are just enforcing laws that have been on the books since 1982 concerning this year's large number of candidates who have placed many political signs around Grand Island.

Complaints are being sent to the Erie County Board of Elections which tells 7 Eyewitness News it will review the allegations and talk with town officials.

However, there are no county-wide laws concerning political sign placement.  Those are governed by local ordinances, with some municipalities being very restrictive about their use.  

Grand Island does not require permits for signs, only that they not be placed in the right-of-way along roadways where they could cause obstructions to drivers - an issue that angry candidates claim is being enforced without consistency.