Police shut down makeshift strip club, bar at house in Niagara Falls

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jul 18, 2016

A three-story house on 16th St. in Niagara Falls had been operating as an illegal strip club, bar and restaurant, according to Niagara Falls police.

Police say the house had likely been hosting parties for at least the last month before an undercover sting operation shut it down last weekend.

"They found an illegal establishment selling liquor, charging admission and operating an illegal strip club inside a residence," Superintendent Bryan DalPorto of Niagara Falls Police explained.

Neighbors say 16th St. is usually a pretty quiet place.  Most people were surprised to learn someone down the road had been hosting parties and running a strip club and bar out of his house.

"I was in shock," David Clingersmith said.  He grew up on 16th St. and has lived there most of his life.  "I don't want that.  We have a lot of little kids around, we just don't want that."

He's noticed some late night activity at 831 16th St., where police shut down the illegal party.  But he never thought anything illegal could be going on.

"I've never seen no violence, I never heard a pop-pop-pop," Clingersmith said, referring to gun shots.  "I was in shock.  This street is a quiet street.  At night you can sit in the backyard and hear the crickets."

DalPorto explained that online posts advertising parties at the house helped tip off Niagara Falls Police.

Police say the owner of the home is 41-year-old Terrence Davis.  He was cited for operating a business in a residential area and for running a strip club, bar and restaurant without the necessary permits.