Suspected drug house out of business in Hamburg

Posted at 11:26 PM, May 11, 2016

Investigators say they've made the streets of the southtowns safer by putting a major drug ring out of business.

The suspects are all accused of selling cocaine.

Police say four of the seven people indicted lived at a home on Long Avenue in Hamburg, and officers claim they were running their cocaine business out of the address.

Police credit tips from the public for helping kick-start the investigation which lasted about three year.

One of the men indicted is Devon Ford. He was the man seen in exclusive 7 Eyewitness News video being hit by Buffalo Police officer Corey Krug on Thanksgiving morning in 2014.

Ford was not charged with a crime at that time. Officer Krug was charged with violating his civil rights.

The others arrested include:

  • Aaron Carroll
  • Nicholas Hubble
  • Joshua Taylor
  • Kelly Hosken
  • Bradley Draudt
  • Merneptah Sealy