Police looking for suspects from Allentown assault

Posted at 11:43 AM, Feb 20, 2017

Buffalo Police are investigating an assault on three men that occurred early Saturday morning near the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Allen Street. The attack has sparked an outrage after pictures of one of the injured men, Mike Slater, 21, were posted on social media.  It is also creating an outcry because two victims of the attack believe they were targeted because they were gay.

Buffalo Police sources say that this point, there is no indications of a hate crime but the investigation continues.

Pictures posted online by Slater's roommate, Raven Hillyard, claim to show the suspects that were taken by security cameras at Allentown Pizza.  Information posted by Hillyard said residents in the area believe there was a group of people menacing and harassing individuals for three weeks.

7 Eyewitness New obtained surveillance video take by Allentown Pizza that show the suspects following the victims before the assault.

Buffalo Police said it has leads that are helping investigators make good progress.

Central District officers say it appears possibly four males jumped another male and physically assaulted him. A passerby attempted to assist the victim but was also assaulted by the suspects.

Police say the injuries to the two male victims did not appear serious at the time.  The passerby was later treated at a hospital in Niagara County.  

The crime has upset many in the Allentown neighborhood which has a large LGBTQ population.

Reporter Ed Reilly talked to residents and officials about the incident and has more in his reports

Anyone with information about the attack should contact the Buffalo Police Confidential Tipline at (716) 847-2255.