Police: DWI suspect had minature bottles of booze in her bra

BAC was more than four-times the legal limit
Posted at 3:31 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 19:22:41-05

Orchard Park Police say a driver was so highly intoxicated, an officer had to put her moving vehicle into park for her after she ran a red light near New Era Stadium.

Investigators say Karen Kaitanowski, 60 of Orchard Park, was driving recklessly around 11:30 Friday morning on Abbott Road near Milestrip. Another vehicle pulled up to her car and the driver tried to get her to stop but was unsuccessful.

An Orchard Park police officer saw this happen and then tried to do the same. But according to police, Kaitanowski did not stop and went through a red light at the intersection of Abbott and Route 20A.

A short time later, the officer was able to reach into Kaitanowski's vehicle, grab the steering wheel and put it into park.

After getting out of her vehicle, police say Kaitanowski fell onto her back in the middle of the intersection and had to be carried to a patrol car by several officers.

A breathalyzer test given to her at the Orchard Park police station revealed her BAC was .34%, more than four-times the legal limit.

While officers searched her, police say they found two unopened miniature bottles of vodka in her bra and an opened bottle in her purse.

Kaitanowski is facing a number of charges including driving while intoxicated.

She was released to a family member and is due back in Orchard Park Town Court on November 15th.