Police officer charged with aggravated DWI

Posted at 12:47 PM, Feb 29, 2016

A Cheektowaga Police officer is facing DWI charges filed by his own department after a car accident.

Officer Nicholas Jakubowski, 29, a six-year veteran of the Cheektowaga Police Department, is accused of being drunk behind the wheel when he turned into the lane of an oncoming car on Como Park Boulevard, just before 11pm on February 23.

Asst. Chief Jim Speyer says Jakubowski was making a left hand turn into a parking lot when he apparently turned into the path of the oncoming vehicle, causing a crash. The driver of other vehicle suffered a minor foot injury. Jakubowski was off duty at the time.

Jakubowski has been charged with DWI, failure to yield, and Aggravated DWI. The Aggravated DWI charge stems from Jakubowski's blood alcohol level, which police say was .19 percent.

The officer has been suspended with pay and will be facing disciplinary action in addition to the criminal charges.

Asst. Chief Speyer says Jakubowski has had no previous disciplinary incidents and has numerous letters of praise in his file from Cheektowaga residents.