18-year-old girl among four weekend DWI arrests

Posted at 7:06 PM, Dec 22, 2014

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office made four DWI arrests over the weekend, including one involving a man wit a prior DWI and another involving an 18-year-old girl.

The first arrest took place Friday around 1:30 a.m., when deputies found 27-year-old Thomas Kolt of Buffalo slumped over the wheel of his vehicle in a parking lot on Main Street in Amherst. Kolt reportedly had a BAC of .11 percent and was charged with DWI.

Around the same time on Sunday, deputies say they saw Brendon McClain, 46, of Concord driving on the shoulder of a ramp on Rt. 219 in Concord. McClain’s license has been suspended four times for failing to pay fines and appear in court and a breath test reportedly revealed a BAC of .15 percent.

McClain was arrested and charged with DWI, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, driving without a license and driving on the shoulder.

Richard Thurnherr, III, 39, of Alden was arrested around 4 a.m. Sunday after deputies saw his vehicle stopped and facing the wrong way on Wende Road in Alden. Officers say Thurnherr was highly intoxicated and he refused a breath test. His license is currently revoked due to a prior DWI conviction.

Thurnherr was arrested and charged with felony DWI, felony aggravated unlicensed operation, circumventing a court-ordered interlock device, refusing to take a breath test and parking facing the wrong direction.

Finally, an 18-year-old Evans girl was arrested for DWI around 8 a.m. Sunday after driving her vehicle into a ditch on Sulpher Spring Road in Brant. Deputies say Ashley Kerr had a BAC of .18 percent and charged her with aggravated DWI.