Pokémon Go is no-go at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Posted at 11:34 PM, Jul 14, 2016

The iPhone app, Pokémon Go, is so successful that teenagers and adults are playing even on cemeteries. But players won't be able to play at Forest Lawn Cemetery much longer, as they released a statement asking players to stay away.

Specifically, the statement said they are respectively "asking Pokémon Go enthusiasts to refrain from playing the game while on the grounds of any of the cemeteries in the Forest Lawn Group".

Pokémon Go fanatics say they are not causing any problems.

"I feel as long as people stay respectful, don't throw trash anywhere, don't interrupt any services anywhere, then I don't see it as much of a problem," said Joshua Lee. He added that he had never been to the cemetery until he downloaded the game.

Forest Lawn is joining Arlington National Cemetery and the National Holocaust Museum in asking players to stay away, because, according to their statement, "recreational games such as Pokémon Go run counter to our commitment to maintaining the peace and dignity of our grounds."

Players, however, disagree.

"If I were on top of graves, maybe [this would be the case]... but I'm just parked to the side," said Tim Benecke, a Pokémon Go enthusiast. "I'm just trying to get the Poké Stops."

But some adults think Pokémon Go lovers are going too far.

"The children and the younger adults playing the game, they are not paying attention to the areas that they're in or people's private property or even respecting community where people have buried dead loved ones in the cemeteries," said Brenda Gray, who does not appreciate the app.

So where would players draw the line?

"I feel like it's a little rude to do it inside a place like if we were to do it inside a museum," said Benecke. "I don't think that's okay." 

While Gray says something must be done to control the popularity of the game.

"I think this should be banned," said Gray. "I think they shouldn't even have this game all over the United States to have people walk all over the place trying to catch a Pokémon."

Cemeteries in the Forest Lawn Group include Forest Lawn in Buffalo, St. Matthew's in West Seneca, Lakeside in Hamburg, and the Williamsville Cemetery. They added that if anyone violates this "simple request," they will "be asked to leave the cemetery grounds."

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