Playoff push for pizza: Buffalo businesses prepare for busy weekend

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 18:31:46-05

Sunday will be a historic day, win or lose, for the city of Buffalo. The Bills are playing their first playoff game this century and after 17 years without a postseason, Bills fans are certainly hungry for the playoffs.

That's why some WNY businesses are gearing up for a busy weekend as football fans order in to watch their favorite team take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Just Pizza and Wing Co. on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo is already seeing preorders for game day pour in and they've been preparing all week for what's sure to be a busy day on Sunday.

"Everyone is going to be in their houses either preparing food on their own or ordering food and they're going to be watching the game," Joe Luzio, the restaurant's general manager, said Friday. "It's just that time of year. With the weather the way it is I'm expecting it to be non-stop."

Just Pizza expects to sell between two and three tons of chicken wings on Sunday. They've got extra delivery drivers scheduled and extra help in the kitchen to keep up with so many extra orders.

Wegmans is also anticipating a rush of business this weekend.

"Our stores are excited," Michele Mehaffy, a spokesperson for the grocery chain, said. "You can see the balloons behind me, the tent. Everybody is getting prepared for this event almost like it's the Super Bowl."

Executive Chef Fred Torrell is already seeing more catering orders for pizza and subs than normal and, as far as other game day favorites, he has a team of workers constantly making fresh tortilla chips.

"A lot of customers like to come in and impulse buy on game day, so we're expecting the same thing," Torrell said. "Tomorrow will be a really busy day on Saturday."