Plans for new subdivision near old Wheatfield landfill

Posted at 11:33 PM, May 01, 2018

A Western New York developer will present his plan to build a new sub division in Wheatfield on Wednesday. But, some in a nearby neighborhood have a problem with the plan. The plan is to build more than 20 homes near a former landfill that contained waste from Love Canal.

Denise Kennedy is one of dozens involved in a legal battle against the Town of Wheatfield and companies that dumped toxic waste in the former landfill next to her property.

“We have the chemicals found in the dump site behind our home, from Love Canal.  And they were all tested in my basement,” said Kennedy.

Despite toxic test results, she and her family remain in their home on Forbes Street in North Tonawanda.

“I want to leave my home. I don't want to sell it to anyone else because we have health issues and I wouldn't give it to somebody else,” said Kennedy.

While Kennedy won't sell her home, on the other side of the former landfill, a developer is looking to build a new subdivision.

Bob Weaver of Bob Weaver Motorsports and Marine owns the land behind his shop off Niagara Falls Boulevard.  He wants to turn the farmland into a cul-de-sac with 20 plus homes.

Weaver didn't want to speak on camera but did confirm that the land has been tested and he says it is safe. He also says development will not be directly next to the landfill and insists that the landfill has nothing to do with his planned neighborhood. 

Originally, he started the process in 2015 but says he waited until now, so the site could be tested.
Weaver's plan is still in the early stages, it goes before the town board on Wednesday.

But for one family who lives down the road from the old landfill, their fight continues.  

“I'm horrified that no one is doing anything and the DEC says that it is safe for all of us when we know that, in fact, that it is not. We have the proof,” added Kennedy. 

The NYSDEC test ground samples around the dump and on neighbor’s property, last summer. Those results showed minimal levels of harmful toxins. Neighbors on Forbes Street and Nash Road still want the DEC to test for toxins inside their homes.

The neighbors have done independent testing on their homes and say there are high levels of dioxin, PCBS, among other harmful toxins. 

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