Piece of cake from Tim Tebow changes Kingsport woman's life

Posted at 8:04 AM, Dec 01, 2014

A Kingsport, Tenn., woman has become something of an Internet sensation after she was highlighted during the SEC Network's visit to Knoxville for the Kentucky game and she says her life hasn't been quite the same since.

During the Game Day show for the Kentucky game, the announcers noticed her "Only Here for Tebow" sign and Tim Tebow game her a piece of red velvet cake from Litton's restaurant.

What happened next is what McKenzie Hoskins described in a Facebook message as "quite the whirlwind of events over the last few days."

Here is the video of Hoskins and Tebow that went viral. And below is a Vine video that has over 500,000 views and counting:

"Me and my best friend spent a total of 28 hours awake preparing for hopes of a glimpse of Tim Tebow on the set of SEC Network this past Saturday, November 22, in Knoxville," McKenize said in a message the News Sentinel. "We arrived in Knoxville at 5:30 AM and waited out in the freezing weather for 4.5 hours to get on the front row. We were equipped with several signs, one reading 'We're only here for Tebow.'

"About half way through the show, our sign caught the eyes of the reporters, including Tim Tebow. They made their way into the crowd and headed straight for us. Pure excitement flooded over me as I was about to meet my biggest hero!

"Tim Tebow presented me with a piece of a cake and a couple of welcomed hugs. I began to sob because my biggest dream was being fulfilled. Little did I know that the cameras were still running and my reaction was being broadcast on national television. Within minutes the video circulated to USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and various other big name blogs, websites, and news channels.

One site compared Tebow's act to the effect of the Beatles and Elvis on fans.

Here's some more coverage: