Physician-assisted suicide discussion hosted by Trocaire College

Posted at 8:32 PM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 20:32:09-04

A discussion on the issue of physician-assisted suicide was held at Trocaire College on Thursday.

Physician-assisted suicide allows terminally ill adults to choose to receive prescription medication that will quicken the end-of-life process.

There is currently legislation circulating in the New York State Assembly and Senate in regards to the act. Six states have already legalized a form of "death with dignity."

"Physician-assisted suicide elicits a wide range of reactions, whether you're looking through the lens of Catholic social teaching or from the perspective of healthcare and end-of-life care practitioners. We hope this discussion will prompt a thoughtful and respectful dialog at Trocaire and in the greater community," said Bob Shearn, Trocaire's director of Mission, Ministry and Service.

The panel focused on whether people have a fundamental "right to die" and what is the role and responsibility of the state concerning that right.

The discussion was a part of a larger series of discussions throughout the semester at the college.