Philly police officers sue Bills running back

Posted at 10:53 AM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 13:57:16-04

Two Philadelphia police officers are now suing Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

That's according to ESPN.

Those officers were off-duty when a bar fight broke out last February.

McCoy was cleared of any criminal charges in the case.

The lawsuit, obtained by ESPN's John Barr, names McCoy and three other members of his party, all of whom were inside the Recess Lounge in Philadelphia on February 6.

The officers claim they were attacked by McCoy and the other defendants, and that they suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of the fight.

Accroding to ESPN, McCoy's attorney, Dennis Cogan, was not available Tuesday morning when contacted for a comment.