Petition calls on NYS Senate GOP to support Child Victims Act

Posted at 8:14 PM, Mar 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-19 20:16:06-04

A petition calling on New York's Republican state senators to support the Child Victims Act is gaining traction.

Democratic Senators Tim Kennedy (D-63) and Brad Hoylman (D-27) launched the petition after they say Senate Republicans removed key language supporting the Child Victims Act from their own budget proposal, only making a slight mention of it in the bill's resolution.

Both the Assembly and Governor Andrew Cuomo's versions of the budget include the Child Victims Act.

The proposed law would extend the time that victims can take legal action against an abuser.

Right now, victims can only take criminal or civil action against their attacker until they turn 23-years-old. The Child Victims Act would extend the statue of limitations for felony criminal charges until the victim turns 28 years old, and extend the statue of limitations for civil cases until the victim turns 50 years old.

A Siena Poll conducted earlier this year found that 76% of New Yorkers support the passage of the Child Victims Act, and that the support holds strong across political, geographic, and religious lines. Just 17% of New Yorkers oppose it. 

State lawmakers have until April 1 to negotiate and pass an on time budget.

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