Peak season for car-deer collisions: What you should know.

Posted at 6:46 PM, Nov 14, 2017

November is one of most dangerous months of the year when it comes to car-deer collisions.  It is the height of deer mating season combined with the beginning of the hunting season.  Those two factors have the animals running wild - and getting in the way of vehicles.

AAA estimates that on average, hitting a deer costs $3,720.  However, Pete Sydow, manager of First Choice Auto in Depew, said he has seen several cars "totaled" by insurance companies because the impact with a deer caused extensive damage to a car's electrical components.

This weekend marks the start of shotgun season for deer hunting.  While NYS counts on hunting as a way of controlling the deer population, it can also cause more movement with deer.

Drivers are advised to use extra caution during dawn and dusk.  Slow down.  Use high-beams at night if there are no on-coming cars.  Most importantly, don't swerve if a deer runs in front of your vehicle - it can cause you to lose control.

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