Patrick Kane's accuser dropped by lawyer

Posted at 11:36 AM, Sep 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 11:36:29-04

There are more startling developments Thursday night in the Patrick Kane rape investigation. The attorney representing Kane's accuser has dropped his client.

UPDATE | Erie County DA says mom of accuser has engaged in elaborate hoax. Full details here

Thomas Eoannou called a late night news conference to make the announcement. He claims he no longer has confidence in the story surrounding an evidence bag and how it was found. However, he does believe in the authenticity of the bag, adding that he confirmed its authenticity with the Erie County District Attorney's office.

"I don't know how the bag got on the porch," said Eoannou. "I don't have confidence in the story that was given to me."

This stunning turn of events is occurring approximately 24 hours after Eoannou went public claiming someone had tampered with evidence in this high-profile case. He said an evidence bag, believed to once contain his former client's rape kit, was delivered to the home of his client's mother. However, Eoannou said this does not change the facts about what happened the night she was allegedly raped.

"I was brought the bag by my client's mother who explained to me how she found the bag," he said. "My investigation reveals to me that I do not have confidence in that version."

When asked what changed Eoannou responded, "Our investigation looking into it revealed that there may have been some fabrications concerning the bag."

All of this stems from an alleged rape that occurred at Patrick Kane's home in Hamburg last August. Throughout the investigation, Kane and his legal team have maintained his innocence.

Earlier today, Erie County D.A. Frank Sedita called a news conference for Friday morning to address the evidence tampering claim.

Shortly after the Eoannou press conference, the attorney for Patrick Kane, Paul Cambria responded.

"Well frankly, if you think about it, as I indicated yesterday, science was clear, the testing that was done here exonerated my client," Cambria told reporters.  

Cambria said Thursday night's developments regarding the evidence bag point to Kane's innocence. 

"I think from the statements Mr. Eoannou made today, somebody attempted to use him to fabricate - or to obstruct and undermine the science and he obviously now has made a very clear statement that he had to withdraw."

Cambria said he wants to see the case halted and not brought to a grand jury. He said he's confident the DA will address the situation appropriately at his Friday press conference. 






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