Patient shocked to hear Dr. Biddle faces federal charges

Orchard Park pain management doctor arrested
Posted at 11:05 PM, Nov 21, 2017

Timothy Popiela says he relies on Dr. Paul Biddle's office for his pain management medication.

Popiela -- who is a worker's comp patient -- tells us he was injured on the job five years ago and has been seeing Dr. Biddle once a month ever since.

He says Dr. Biddle is a good doctor who truly cares for his patients.

“He's a laid back doctor, he's relaxed sociable, does everything me and you would do -- camping, kayaking, hiking -- that's what we talked about,” Popiela says. 

“I would have never thought Dr. Biddle was like that,” he says of the federal charges Biddle is now facing relating to the purchase of prescription drugs. “His whole staff -- they're welcoming.  Everyone was cool in there.”

Popelia and other Biddle patients say there was a lot of turnover in the office recently with doctors leaving.

The biggest question facing patients is, “What now?” And whose identities were allegedly compromised?

It's something only time will tell.