Parkside Candy enters phase two of renovation project

Posted at 8:10 AM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 08:17:24-04

It's an iconic landmark right here in the Queen City and its returning to it's roots. Phase one of Parkside Candy's renovation project is complete and it's onto phase two.

The 1927 candy and ice cream shop has undergone a series of interior renovations and as the weather begins to warm up, focus will shift to the exterior of the building.

Phase one was a month-long process. In total, the project will cost $230,000, $125,000 of that funded by a matching grant from the Buffalo Billion initiative.

The iconic pistachio colored walls, cream-colored ceiling and dark wood molding have all been restored. In addition, brand new LED lights have been added to the original candy cases to help highlight the chocolate and other treats. Original tables and chairs have all been gently restored, as has the one and only booth, reupholstered with a shiny gold cushion.

Perhaps the biggest project, according to retail manager Annemarie Ranger, was the white-and-black tiled floor. A project Ranger says needed, "immediate attention."

The spring agenda includes: fixing the iconic "Parkside Candy" neon sign, adding awning to the building, and cleaning the brick facade. 

New ice cream cases, old-fashioned fixtures for the soda fountain and other kitchen improvements will also follow.  

For more information on Main Street store hours visit their website.