Parents: BPS students limited on transit options

Posted at 11:31 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 23:31:42-05

There is a multi-million dollar contract, funded by taxpayer money, which allows Buffalo school children to ride NFTA buses and trains to school, but not everyone is on board with how it's being executed.

For their ride home, each Buffalo Public School student is assigned a designated bus or train route, but now some parents are saying the system, that only gives students one option on how to get home, is broken.

“Our children might stay at three different households, but now they have it set it up where they want us to take this route, and this route only. That could be to your mother’s house, what if you want to go to your father’s house,” said one concerned parent.

Students also spoke about the topic at a meeting on Tuesday, saying the activity pass, which currently expires at 8pm, doesn't give some students access to a ride home.

“When they extended our school days I don't really think they considered the fact that how we get home at night. I play a lot of sports, I play basketball now and my games, I play varsity so my games get out at 8, that's what time my activity pass expires. How am I supposed to get home,” said one BPS student.

In a statement, the NFTA says:

"NFTA/Metro is proud to provide more than 20,000 student trips each school day. Our long standing agreement is with the buffalo board of education. Any suggestions or changes in policy and/or procedures needs to be directed to the district."

The Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization plans to hold a public forum with NFTA management, as well as representatives from the school district in early January to allow the public to comment on what would help students have a better, and safer ride home.