Pair debut what they hope will become iconic pic

Posted at 11:28 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 23:36:07-05

For Buffalo native Alex Miller, getting to the bottom of the iconic “Just another day in paradise” photo gradually became, well almost an obsession.

The poster says Buffalo, but Miller wasn’t buying it.

He says between the fire escapes and tree lined streets something just wasn’t adding up. So the Buffalo Public School teacher did some digging and it turns out, the photo of the snow covered cars was taken in a 2006 snow storm in Manhattan, hours away from the Queen City.

In January, Miller shared his heartbreak to 7 Eyewitness News.

“I want to get it corrected,” Miller told 7 Eyewitness.

“I want a real Buffalo snow storm image . . . another day in paradise and I’ll have it on my wall.”

On warm day in March, we met up with the snow photo sleuth who was debuting a new photo – one he believes truly represents what western New York is all about.

“To me the image show a traditional winter day in buffalo,” Miller said.

Working with Buffalo based aerial photographer Mark Brice, the pair went on 20 different shoots around the city and ultimately decided on an aerial view of a bustling Main Street, both in color and in black and white.

“It’s just the right amount of snow it’s a nice contrast it’s just an all-around great shot that represents of city perfectly,” Brice told 7 Eyewitness News.

The pair is currently in the process of reaching out to stores such as Wegman’s who sold the falsified photos to carry the newer version.

Right now, the photo can be purchased online and at ‘Buffalo Adore’ on Main Street, just 25 feet below where the drone snapped the new picture.

“Main Street looks absolutely beautiful,” Buffalo Adore owner Andrea Dacey told 7 Eyewitness News.

“Main Street is gorgeous and people need to know how awesome it is downtown again.”

For Miller it was a mission where he wanted to simply uncovering the truth, and Months later he’s giving Buffalo something to be proud of.

“I hope people enjoy it,” Miller said.

“I hope people learn to identify the image as an iconic one of Western New York.”


Interested in buying the new "Forever in Paradise" poster?  They are available for order at  Buffalo Adore on Main Street and online through Buffalo Aerial Pictures