Overnight snow causes slick morning roads

Posted at 3:32 AM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 03:54:22-05

Police departments around Erie County are reporting a general snowfall of two-to-three inches overnight, Tuesday, creating some slick conditions on the roads.

In Cheektowaga, police say there has been a steady snowfall all night.

One woman said she was driving in the town and had to pull over because visibility was so low.

No major accidents have been reported.

Amherst police are reporting many roads are slick.  Police say they've been dealing with some spin outs, but there were no accidents reported.


A driver on Sheridan Drive said Sheridan Drive was slippery.

Some Hamburg side streets reportedly had three inches of snow piled up.  

East Eden Road, heading into the Village of Hamburg, was one of the roads awaiting a plow.  The picture in this story comes from Eric Telaak.

Police say crews have been notified of slippery conditions and are out working.

Hamburg firefighters are asking you to clear the area around fire hydrants.  

In a message posted on Facebook, the department asks you "Take a few extra minutes to clear snow around fire hydrants near your house! We had several fires the past couple years where the hydrants were clear, it saves us vital time that may help save your home in the event of a fire!"

There should be a path to the hydrant for firefighters with three-feet shoveled around the hydrant.