Outdoor ice skating returns to Niagara Falls

Outdoor ice skating returns to Niagara Falls
Posted at 9:21 AM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 09:21:15-05

Outdoor ice skating is coming back to Niagara Falls for another winter.  The Rainbow Rink will open Friday, November 30th at the parking lot on First Street and Rainbow Boulevard.

The rink will open on the first evening of Jingle Falls USA activities.  It will cost $8 to skate, and $4 to rent skates.  The Anchor Bar food truck will be on-site, and will have coffee, hot chocolate, pop and water.

The rink will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  The hours of operation will be:

Monday 4-8 pm

Tuesday 4-8 pm

Wednesday 4-8 pm

Thursday 4-8 pm

Friday 4-10 pm (during Christmas break 12 -10 pm)

Saturday 12-10 pm

Sunday 12-8 pm

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