Ottawa Senators assistant GM arrested in Buffalo

Posted at 11:48 AM, Jun 01, 2018

Ottawa Senators assistant general manger Randy Lee is facing a harassment charge following an altercation with a 19 year-old man Thursday morning in downtown Buffalo. 

According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, an employee of the Westin - where Lee was staying - was sent in a shuttle bus to pick him up from 716 at HarborCenter. When Lee got on board, Flynn said he put his hands on the driver's shoulders and made lewd comments. When asked to stop, he refused, Flynn said.

Lee was arraigned in Buffalo City Court Friday morning. 

A city judge has ordered him to stay away from the Westin at Delaware and Chippewa. The court also took his passport. He is due back in court on Monday. 

Lee, who has spent 23 seasons with the Senators, is in town with other NHL team officials attending the league's annual pre-draft scouting combine, which runs through Saturday. 

The Senators released the following statement on Lee's arrest Friday afternoon -

“We have been made aware of Randy Lee’s arraignment in Buffalo. The Ottawa Senators will always hold all members of the organization to the highest standards of behaviour, regardless of the environment in which they operate. To this end, we are reviewing the situation with the greatest of care, and will provide an update as soon as one is available.”


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