Orchard park dog owners concerned about leash laws

Posted at 11:04 PM, Jul 18, 2018

"I want to feel safe walking my dogs and I don't," Lucinda Teagarden of Orchard Park said.

When Lucinda Teagarden walks her two German Shepherds--Czara and Czarina Marie--she said she has them leashed at all times.  But she said other Orchard Park neighbors, aren't so courteous.

"I've been knocked down, I've had my glasses knocked, I've had my spine torqued, I've had my rib dislocated.  I don't know what to do next."

Teagarden is one of several people in Orchard Park, who have reached out to 7Eyewitness News with such stories.  

"It's a law.  It's a law just like there is a speed limit and if you disobey that law, then you have a fine."

Teagarden's frustration, led her to speak her piece before the town board Wednesday night--the third time she's done so.  But the council didn't comment.

"Something needs to be done.  Nothing is done no matter who I call, who've I'd talk to, what I've done.  Nothing has changed."

We reached out to Town Supervisor Patrick Keem who said the town will "definitely follow up," but with the Police Chief being out of town, nothing could be done immediately.  Teagarden said all she wants the town to do is to introduce fines for those that disobey the leash law.

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