Operation Purple Camp brings military families together

Posted at 5:59 AM, Jul 14, 2017

It’s not just any camp, it’s Operation Purple Camp.

For the past 10 years, Pioneer Camp in Angola has been giving back to kids and teens of wounded warriors and active service military.

This free unique camp is designed to make the lives of these campers fun and easy-going, two things that can sometimes be a challenge, especially when their day-to-day lives may require moving from city to city and meeting new friends and new situations time and time again.

For a week, campers come together from all walks of life and bond with one another, while playing, exploring and enjoying the worry-free camp life.

“We often say, children of those in the military also serve. It’s like being stuck on an abandoned boat. You have to face tough waters,” Alex Knowles, Executive Director of Pioneer Camp said.

The goal, at least from Monday to Friday, “is to let them be kids again,” Knowles emphasized. 

In addition to the adventures and games, counseling and a supportive community are there to help them deal with some of the tough emotions that go along with having a parent in the military. 

The good news? This isn’t only happening in Angola.

Together, the Wounded Warrior Project and the National Military Family Association are sending kids, ages 7 to 17, to similar camps throughout the country. 

This year, as a new addition, Operation Purple Camps is also offering mini camps for those who aren’t quite ready to spend a full five nights away from their loved ones.