OP police deploy taser on irrational suspect

Posted at 9:32 PM, Mar 12, 2017

Orchard Park Police say they had to use a taser to subdue a man who was fighting and assaulting officers.

Police say 36-year-old Jesse Dominkewicz was harassing NYSEG workers as they were trying to repair a power line. Police say Dominkewicz then grabbed a NYSEG worker and threatened to fight a neighbor with a bottle of liquor in his hand. 

When police responded to his home, they say he came out covered in blood and fought with officers. That's when they say the taser was deployed.\

Dominkewicz was arrested and taken to ECMC. He is charged with assault, two county of harassment, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, two counts of criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. 

One Orchard Park Police Officer was transported to the hospital for treatment and was released. Two other officers suffered minor injuries and were released. 

Police in Orchard Park say they have had multiple run-ins with Dominkewicz.