One-year-old falls through third story window in Cheektowaga

Posted at 10:21 AM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 18:15:35-04

A one-year-old girl fell three stories after falling out of a window Tuesday night.

"We just ran downstairs, I think we flew down the stairs," said Melissa, Juliana's mother, only to 7 Eyewitness News. "We saw her on the ground, we picked her up, and I ran upstairs and I called 911 right away."

Cheektowaga Police say the girl was at a home at 1367 French Road playing on the back of a couch near a window with a screen. She fell through the screen and fell three stories.

Melissa says she was watching TV in her Cheektowaga home with her husband when her other three children walked in with frightening news.

"I was freaking out but I was trying to stay calm at the same time because of my other kids they were freaking out," she said. "So I tried to stay as calm as I could but I did my best."

Police say she was conscious on the scene when EMS arrived. She was taken to Women and Children's Hospital.

But the accident turned into a miracle.

Amazingly, the little girl, who's name is Juliana, only suffered a few bumps and bruises in the fall. Juliana's mother says, "It's truly a miracle." She is expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday.

"I feel like we have been blessed to be honest," said Melissa. "We prayed and prayed. It really worked because she's up playing, walking around, she's her normal self as if nothing happened."

Police say dispatch rarely get calls like this one.

"It was a 3-story fall so it's a miracle that she's okay," said Assistant Chief of Cheektowaga Police Department, James Speye. "We're just very happy for the family. Obviously they're traumatized and this is one result that I'm happy to report on where in the past not everything is cheery."

"Thank you to all the police departments for responding so quick, I was so grateful," said Melissa.

The South Line Fire Company was also at the scene Tuesday night.

Juliana will be released from the hospital Wednesday night. Melissa says the first thing she's going to do is move the couch far away from the window.

"It's a big relief, I just want to get her home and let her sisters and brothers know she's okay," Melissa said.

According to police, there does not appear to be anything criminal about the incident.