One-on-one with Kim Pegula on the first day of Training Camp

Nothing is off-limits in this exclusive interview
Posted at 10:52 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 23:11:19-04

The sun came out after a rainy morning in Pittsford just minutes before Bills' co-owner Kim Pegula entered the field at St. John Fisher College Thursday afternoon.

Dressed in a Bills t-shirt and flip-flops, Pegula appeared to have relaxed enthusiasm as she sat down for a one-on-one interview with 7 Eyewitness News Anchor Ashley Rowe.

"There's a lot of excitement. And of course, you know, the GM change, the coaching change, that always adds a level of excitement," Pegula said.

Pegula did not shy away from the long and rocky off-season, with the firing and hiring of General Managers and coaches from both  the Bills and the Sabres. 

But when asked about the likelihood of getting to the playoffs this season, she says she has learned to take things "one day at a time."

"To put the work in each game, each day, each practice. Coach [McDermott] has been teaching all of us about that," Pegula said.

Of course, casting a heavy shadow is the 17-year playoff drought. Now in their fourth season as the team owners -- Kim acknowledges the difficulty of balancing being a fan and an owner.

"One thing that we've really learned as owners is finding that right balance of understanding from the fan base, what's expected and what's really wanted," Pegula said.

"Trying to make those decisions that aren't as favorable in the short term, but you know in the long term it's the better decision. And sometimes we make the wrong decisions."

The Pegulas' commitment on the field is almost matched off the field, with ongoing development projects in downtown Buffalo. Perhaps the biggest project on the horizon: the aging stadium in Orchard Park, and the potential for a new venue.

"We are on a fact finding mission, we are just doing our due-dilligence. It is, the decision is a big one."

Pegula says meetings with New York State are "forthcoming."

Kim Pegula gives her husband and co-owner Terry credit for the level of involvement she has in the team and the NFL. And as one of a few female franchise owners in the league, she brings a different perspective - especially on the issue of domestic violence in the NFL.

She describes the cases she has heard about as "disturbing," but expresses confidence in the steps taken to address the issue by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

"Although they are hard to stomach, I think the positive thing about it that it has brought to light, these types of circumstances, and hopefully preventative measures have come from that."