One man's solution to America's debt problem

Posted at 3:59 PM, Jun 27, 2016

Sean Burke is touring the country in this patriotic bus he calls Nelson.

“He’s named after George Washington’s favorite horse that he rode during the Revolutionary War.”

He’s promoting an idea to help America’s debt problem. He calls it America’s Reset Button.

“I stumbled across what I call a reset button. What, actually, the power we have embedded in the Constitution to do something about our government.”

He left last November and is going from city to city until November 8: election day. He’s spreading the word about the power of voting.

“But not just vote party or party, vote based on whether or not their performance has been up to what you want.”

He says the only way to change America’s spending problem is to get rid of everyone currently holding an office and elect all new government officials.

“This is how I think the end of our country comes. It’s not by overthrow. We’re not having another foreign power come in and take us over, I don’t believe. I believe it’s by economic collapse.”

To keep with Burke and his journey, or to learn more about America’s Reset Button, go to resetourgov.org.