One Local shoemaker expected to bring additional jobs back to WNY

Posted at 8:46 AM, Sep 01, 2016

P.W. Minor Shoes has been making shoes in Batavia since 1867. But for the past two years, under the direction of a new owner, the "New" P.W. Minor has made major changes.

Within just two years, Peter Zeliff has broadened the brand known for their durable orthopedic shoes, to now include fashion shoes for both men and women. In addition, the company has transitioned from outsourcing 80% of their product overseas in Asia, to insourcing 100% of their product right here in the United States. Something Zeliff says, was a vision of his since the day he bought the company. 

Thanks to additional employees and new automated machinery, the company has gone from producing 50 shoes a day to nearly 150 shoes a day in just a couple of years. Zeliff says, production is now much faster and cheaper this way. In fact, in just five days, you can order your very own custom-made shoe.

Within the next few months, he hopes to grow his team by an additional twenty-plus individuals to increase the momentum and efficiency on the floor.