One artist creates a song to embrace Buffalo's "City of Good Neighbors" nickname

Posted at 5:58 PM, Nov 16, 2018

"You can come to Buffalo" is a song that embodies the City of Good Neighbors attitude. 

"I want to encourage people to not live in fear but live in hope." Cronk said. "And that we don't look at people across the street or across town as enemies or strangers but as our fellow community members and neighbors." 

Cronk decided last April he wanted to write an anthem that would welcome all people--especially refugees to the Queen City. He noticed the negative press about immigrants and refugees coming into cities like Buffalo and wanted to inspire people to live up to it's City of Good Neighbors nickname. 

"To remind us that this is who we are," Cronk said about the reason he wrote the song. "We are immigrants and refugees, that hasn't changed just those refugees look different than they used to." 

Writing the song took 30 minutes, it took one day to film the music video, and it took an entire year to edit, Cronk added about the process of creating the song. The songwriter really wanted to get out into the city to make the video as authentic as possible. 

Cronk is a software salesman by day and musician in his free time. He plays four instruments and hopes to create more songs to help bring the community together. 

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