Once a police dog, always a police dog: Deputy gives a forever home to his partner

Posted at 6:19 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 18:19:18-04

"In the morning when I get ready to go to work and the uniform goes on, he knows that he is going with me to go to work, so the transition now will be that he stays home," Brad Ballantyne, Erie County Sheriff's Deputy, said.

Nine-year-old Hayco has spent his entire career at the side of his partner, Ballantyne. Hayco is stepping down Thursday because of health issues and is beginning his retirement. 

"I know he's always going to be here for me and I'm always going to be here for him," Ballantyne said.

The pair have been fighting crime together for six years. From tracking down burglars to helping in drug raids, Ballantyne says his pal has been very successful in his career. 

Their unbreakable bond will continue into retirement as Hayco will live at home with the Ballantyne family for the rest of his life. 

"Now it's just more permanent. He's there all the time rather than being gone with Brad while he's at work, so it's really not much of a change," Charity Ballantyne, Brad Ballantyne's wife, said.

Deputy Ballantyne knows his old pal will be enjoying the good life of retirement. 

"He is a police dog whether he is retired or not," Ballantyne said.

A new K-9 named Cali is already in training to replace Hayco. Cali is the first female dog the Erie County Sheriff's Office is putting to work. 

The Sheriff's Office has a total of nine K-9s a part of their team.