On the Road: West Seneca's Gardenville Blooms

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jul 26, 2018

There's a garden center that's been providing beautiful plants and fresh vegetables to the West Seneca community for years.

It's come under new ownership recently, by a family that has a goal of serving the community that supports it, all year round. You may know it well, since it's one of the few businesses in West Seneca that also sells at the West Seneca Farmer's Market. It's called Gardenville Blooms at 2723 Clinton Street.

Business partners and family members, Andy Starr and John Toomey came to be part owners in Gardenville Blooms by chance. The two were hoping to go into the restaurant industry but ended up owning a sprawling garden store, a business they've had to learn a lot about but are learning to enjoy.

Gardenville Blooms grows about 90 percent of its plants and sources its other 10 percent from local suppliers. "It's important for us to keep all this money in our local economy of West Seneca, to provide jobs for our residents here and support the community we live in," says John Toomey, a part owner of the business.

"We want to provide services all year round for our customers that need us all year," says Andy Starr. The garden center has everything from annuals to perennials, beautifully crafted hanging baskets to exotic trees in the summer, to wreaths and Christmas trees in the winter.

You can find more information here.

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