On the Road: Tonawanda's Waterbike and Boat Adventures

Posted at 11:20 AM, Jul 31, 2018

It's a choose your own adventure kind of deal at Gateway Harbor in the City of Tonawanda.

You can chill on a boat, fish, kayak, paddle board or even hop on a HydroBike! Waterbike and Boat Adventures offers rentals at Gateway Harbor of Hydrobikes, kayaks, double kayaks, stand up paddle boards and an electric pontoon boat!

The owner of Waterbike and Boat Adventures grew up in North Tonawanda and was searching for a way to utilize the waterfront where he grew up. Jim Chilton approached the mayor at the time and asked if he could work out a deal to create some dock space along Young Street for this idea he had to give to the community that raised him.

Chilton and the city installed some dock space and then Chilton ordered a handful of Hydrobikes from the creator in Minnesota. From there, his business took off. He says on average, he'll have at least three people out on the water on a nice day every hour. Despite the popularity of his business, Chilton has kept his prices the same from the day he started. Rentals are just $10 per hour and he has no plans to raise the prices. "It makes you feel good that you can provide something at a reasonable cost so people can have fun...Kids will come and drop off their bikes and just dump all their coins on the table and rent for an hour," says Chilton.

Waterbike and Boat Adventures is located at 11 Young Street, Tonawanda. You'll park near the Walgreens and walk across closed Young Street to the rental docks.

For more information you can call (716) 316-3905 or visit thewebsite here

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