On the Road: Kenmore's King Condrell's Candy & Ice Cream

Posted at 10:49 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 10:49:40-04

You may ask what makes King Condrell's candy and ice cream so good. It could be the half of century of experience behind it.

King Condrell's on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore has been serving sweet treats since 1966, when Nick Condrell converted a butcher shop into a candy and ice cream shop. 30 years later, South Buffalo native Rich King bought Condrell's, but kept the beloved name. After adding more sweets year after year, Condrell's then became King Condrell's.

"I hope that Nick Condrell, who's passed away, hopefully he's saying thanks for keeping things going the right way," says King. King works seven days a week, churning out homemade ice creams, sauces like hot fudge and French silk and handmade chocolates. He's turned King Condrell's into a family affair, and he tells 7 Eyewitness News this after giving his wife Melissa a quick peck on the lips. You can feel the love and the dedication of one family to create a destination for Ken-Ton families and others all around Western New York.

Melissa and Rich's children, Zachary and Adriana work behind the counter, churning out King Condrell's specials, like the Roamin' Buffalo, a scoop each of house made chocolate and vanilla, topped with hot fudge and French chocolate, homemade whipped cream and milk chocolate buffalos. Adriana went to University at Buffalo to study linguistics and criminology, but she's returned to the store because she wants to keep the family business alive. "I hate the idea of someone else taking it over, which is strange because obviously they'd do a good job and do their best, but I want to keep it in the family." 

The location of this shop has been perfect for serving families and for the Kings to raise their own. "In Kenmore, the community is so close together and everyone watches over and supports each other," says Rich. King Condrell's has been a staple for 52 years and hopefully for more to come.

To find more information, hours and a menu, you can click here.


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