Olean scam warning: Man claiming to be an ex-Marine says he is desperate for tow money

Posted at 11:32 AM, Jan 17, 2017

City of Olean Police are investigating a door-to-door scam from a man claiming to be an ex-Marine.

Debbie Snider, who lives in Olean, says a man knocked on her door and her son, Shawn, answered. The man said his car broke down and he needed $40 for the tow.

According to Snider, the man said he would leave a snowblower for collateral and would be back to pick it up later in the evening and to pay back the money - only he never left a snowblower and he never came back.

"With his father being an ex Marine, Shawn trusted him and gave him the money to borrow," Snider wrote on Facebook. "OMG Marines are supposed to be trustworthy!!! Shawn said the guy had a Marine tattoo and seemed desperate."

Other people have also complained about the scam about a man with the same story.

Police say anyone who gave this man money should file a report or call police investigators with information about the incident at 376-5672.