Olcott Beach celebration goes on despite flooding

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jul 04, 2017

Despite Olcott Beach closure and docks underwater along the water front, families are still coming to this hidden treasure to enjoy their Fourth of July Holiday.

It's been anything but a celebration for some people living along the water front. Over the past month they've dealt with record high water levels on Lake Ontario. Even Olcott Beach businesses suffered on the economic end. In the last week alone, Lake Ontario has risen another inch.

However, that didn't stop people from flocking to the beach town for Independence Day. Many were there for the traditional 4th of July Parade. Dozens of kids marched down Main Street with their red, white, and blue.

A group of Russian-Americans were also on Olcott having a picnic. It has been their tradition to come here for the last eight years and they are not letting the beach closure them them this year.

"It sucks and kids would like to use the beach but we love the beach. it's a great place and you can't beat the view." Alexander Chekhov said.

Volunteers at the local attraction known as Olcott Beach Carousel Park were surprised to see a large crowd Tuesday. The flooding scared a lot of people away from the park.

"We have all shared in not having quite so many people coming down and taking a little bit of a hit there. Thank you for coming down and giving us the chance to let everybody know we're open and we're in the go," Rosemary Samsone Executive Director Manager, Olcott Beach Carousel Park said.

For more information about Olcott Beach Carousel Park click on the link.