Officers take kids Christmas shopping in their police cruisers

Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 18:54:18-05

Christmas came a bit early for five very special Cheektowaga kids.

Cheektowaga Police Officers picked up the kids in their cruisers to take them Christmas shopping at Target.
Each child received a $300 gift card to spend in target. Kids with siblings were encouraged to purchase a gift for each of their siblings. Several of the children cashed in on simple things such as coats and blankets.

"We wanted to take a bunch of kids from our own neighborhood that maybe at a disadvantage and take them out and get some toys for Christmas," Officer, Caleb Harte with Cheektowaga Police Department said.

Jacob Becker with Marketing Mayor LLC had the vision for this shop with a cop event. He said it's a way for police and community to build a better bridge.

"Police officers are good people. They are on our side.  They are not the type of people that the media sometimes are portraying them to be. We really wanted to show kids that," Becker said.

The Hope Project of WNY, Shy Guy Shawn, DJ Rankan, Marketing Mayor LLC are some of the organizations and businesses that sponsored this event. Some Cheektowaga Police Officers were able to rack up some of the money for this shopping trip through selling these God Bless Our Police signs.

"Some want jackets. Some want blankets. They don't have a lot so we are just really happy to get them whatever they would like for Christmas," Officer, Harte said.