NYSDOT not letting McDonald's owner have it his way

Posted at 5:46 PM, Aug 29, 2017

The McDonald’s franchise in Fredonia is fighting New York State Department of Transportation in New York Supreme Court over a roundabout project that’s set for November.

NYSDOT wants to replace the traffic signals at the intersection of US Route 20 and NY Route 60 in Fredonia with a massive roundabout.

Adam Walters, the attorney for the owner of the McDonald’s at the corner of the intersection is trying to keep the project from becoming a reality right outside of the restaurant.

The roundabout isn’t the issue, per say, for McDonald’s. It’s the raised median that’s included in the project. The owner of the restaurant worries it will slow down business because the median would replace the turning lane on both roadways.

“DOT modified the project slightly and added a few turn lanes for specific businesses. We proposed similar turn lane that was actually designed by our traffic engineers. DOT said we don’t think that make sense,” said Walters.

The New York State DOT released this statement to 7 Eyewitness News:

“The NYSDOT proposed a safety improvement project to address the high number of accidents at the intersection of US Route 20 and NY Route 60 in Fredonia.  The plan calls for a raised median on all four approaches to help prevent left-turn-related accidents at driveways. A roundabout is also being proposed at the intersection to help large trucks/trailers make a U-turn at the signalized intersection with the raised median. The project is scheduled for a November 30, 2017 letting. We have no further comment at this time due to pending litigation.” said Susan Surdej, NYSDOT Regional Public Information Officer.

The court has ordered for the department of transportation to do an environmental review. 

“We all going to wait and see what they do. Our hope is really to be able to resolve in a way it doesn’t lead to further litigation,” Walters said.