NYS Education Department releases draft of new math and English standards

Posted at 11:49 AM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 18:29:33-04

On Wednesday, New York State Education Department  released newly drafted New York State pre-k through 12th grades English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards for public comment.

Two committees comprised of more than 130 educators and parents recommended changing 60 percent of the ELA and 55 percent of the math standards. 

New York State Education Commissioner, MaryEllen Elia said the drafted standards were created after the state education department recieved more than 10,000 responses in the form of surveys regarding the standards, last year. Now state education leaders want to reshape the current common core standards to help address issues such as students with learning disabilities and students who are having trouble with the English Language.

"When we look at the new standards there will have to be some adjustments that have to be made and those schools districts and teachers will have to make those adjustments," Commissioner Elia said.

Those adjustments include creating a State Early Learning Task Force and Reforce Pre-K through second grade standards.

"This is a quick turn around when you're talking about trying to create standards for students in the State of New York," Western New York Representative for New York State Allies For Public Education, Chris Cerrone said.

"This transition isn't going to happen overnight. We know that and because it's a large state with over 750 school districts it will happen at different stages," Commissioner Elia said.

If approved it could take affect as early as 2017. This new set of standards would affect state testing in 2018-2019.

(Below are the links to view and comment on the newly drafted standards.)

Draft of English Language Arts Standards

Draft of Mathematics Standards

The State Education Department is accepting public comments on the draft standards through November 4th.



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