NY advocates push for reliable work schedules nationally

Posted at 8:07 AM, Sep 06, 2016

A coalition of New York-based advocates is launching a national campaign to press large retailers, restaurant chains and other companies to end on-call and last-minute scheduling, which allows companies to assign shifts to workers with only a few hours' notice.

The campaign called Workshift follows recent agreements by several large retailers to end the practice in New York.

They say three of five American workers, about 75 million people, are paid hourly, with recent job growth mainly in low-wage jobs, often part-time and subject to last-minute scheduling practices.

The Center for Popular Democracy, the Rockefeller Foundation and the online organization Purpose are calling for scheduling at least two weeks in advance, eliminating on-call assignments that leave employees scrambling for child care, unable to hold second jobs and with uncertain paychecks.