Notorious Amherst turkey has been captured

The turkey became a fixture at Paradise & Klein Rd
Posted at 9:11 PM, Nov 29, 2017

The elusive turkey that has become a fixture in Amherst has been captured.

The turkey, known as "Tom" by many in the Paradise and Klein Roads area, was captured Wednesday by an animal control officer. It is now in rehabilitation in the Southern Tier, according to Amherst Police.

Officials would not specifically say where the two legged show stopper has been relocated.

The bird has been notoriously blocking traffic for more than a year, crossing road lanes with his famous limp.  People would send updates of his whereabouts on social media. 

"I would go to get the paper in the morning and he would walk out with me and come back with me," Joe Braunscheidel, an Amherst neighbor said. "It was almost like he was my pet, but he was everyone's pet."

News of the turkey's capture quickly garnered reaction online.

"The turkey didn't pay his taxes," Mike Byrne wrote on the 7 Eyewitness News Facebook page.

"No longer an issue on your way to work," Pamela Anne Belile wrote.