Not a fan of broccoli and peas? This is the spring for you

Posted at 2:07 PM, Apr 25, 2018

Are you the one at the table who gladly passes the bowl of broccoli without taking a helping for yourself? If so, this may be music to your ears.

Our unseasonably cold spring has taken a bit of a toll on early New York crops such as lettuce, peas and, yes, broccoli.

"As it stands, early crops like peas, onions, leafy greens, broccoli and cabbage are already behind schedule," said Steve Reiners, professor of horticulture at the Ne York State Agriculture Experiment Station. "But not to worry - it's too son to call the season a washout and you can still expect New York grown early crops to come to market. But the weather will have to hurry."

And it looks like crops will get a lot of help next year, when daytime temperatures are forecasted to climb back into the 70s for several days. 

Warm season crops - such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers - won't be planted outside for several more weeks and are not expected to be impacted. 

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