Get your indoor chores done Saturday and Sunday-- here's how the weekend will play out

Posted at 10:45 AM, Oct 24, 2018

It may not be a bad idea to get your indoor chores done this weekend.

A coastal storm may just dampen your outdoor plans Saturday and Sunday. But first, how about we talk about your Wednesday!


Breezy and cool with some rain showers mixing with snow showers this afternoon... especially over higher elevations of  Southern Erie County.

High: 43F
Low: 38F

Mostly cloudy start with clouds breaking up into the afternoon.  Chilly day as temperatures struggle to reach the 40s.  

High: 43F
Low: 35F

Mix of sun and clouds but temps remain chilly in the morning waiting for the bus.

High: 47F
Low: 32F


As of Wednesday, models show a bulk of the rain will be moving through the Southern Tier starting early Saturday morning. The afternoon and evening is looking wetter for Buffalo and the Northtowns. 

Expect a cool one a breeze out of the northeast.

By the evening, flakes will mix in with some showers on the higher hilltops.

High: 44F

Low: 40F


There will be some lingering showers to start out the day Sunday. Otherwise another cool and grey day. 

High: 44F

Low: 38F

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