North Tonawanda pastor forgives peanut butter culprit

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 18:36:47-04

Pastor Chad Rieselman recently started a little free pantry outside of the Lumber City Hope Center/Lumber City Church in North Tonawanda. 

It allows people to donate and pickup items like food, toothpaste, and baby diapers. But what someone did Wednesday to the pantry prompted the pastor to go live on Facebook. Church cameras caught that person taking a can of crunchy peanut butter from the pantry and smearing it on the pantry and the building. 

“In a mischievous sort of way and threw some on the side of the building and the windows,” Pastor Rieselman said. 

Rieselman isn’t man. Instead, the father of three is taking a different approach. 

“Rather than pressing charges, to use it as an opportunity in a life to say hey we care about you. If you’re hungry take what you need and leave what you can,” Rieselman said. 

What would you say to that person? 7 Eyewitness News Reporter, Justin Moore asked. 

“I would say God loves you the same way that he loves the pastor of this church,” Rieselman said. 

A true testament of forgiveness over fury. 

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