Nixon accuses Cuomo of political bullying in Buffalo

Cuomo Campaign: "Not first Nixon to be paranoid"
Posted at 4:24 PM, Apr 25, 2018

Accusations of political "bullying" are coming from Cynthia Nixon's camp as she continues her campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

According to her campaign, the actress turned politician was forced to switch locations twice during her visit to Buffalo Wednesday after two venues bowed out due to, "heavy political pressure from Cuomo and his Allies."  Nixon maintains the governor and his allies pressured not one, but two different venues to back out of agreements to host her Economic Roundtable Discussion.

The Nixon campaign initially planned to host the discussion at the Pucho Olivencia Center. But when campaign staff arrived Wednesday morning, the campaign says staff was informed they would not be allowed to enter, citing political pressure.  Campaign leaders say they were able to find a back-up venue, which canceled as well claiming they had received a phone call from, "someone close to the Mayor (Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown), an ally of Governor Cuomo."

"Andrew Cuomo's latest attempt to threaten and intimidate his way to victory made on thing very clear: the Governor is clearly scared of our campaign, and desperately wants me to go away," said Nixon in a release issued by her camp.  "Well we can't be bullied out of the race. I'll meet with voters on street corners if we have to. Because like it or not, Andrew Cuomo, progressive change is coming to New York."

7 Eyewitness News spoke with Mr. Wilmer Olivencia Junior of the Pucho Olivenicia Center on the phone Tuesday evening.  He said Nixon's statements are false. He told us the Nixon campaign did not follow proper procedure and that they were mislead as to the true nature of the event. Mr. OIivencia said it was initially presented to them as a community forum, which then transformed into a political gathering.  

Mayor Byron Brown's office released a statement saying the mayor was unaware of any details concerning Nixon's visit. 

Cuomo's campaign issued as response as well regarding these accusations writing, "First we've heard of it, but not the first Nixon to be paranoid!" 

Nixon ended up holding her Economic Roundtable at Babeville in Downtown Buffalo.





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