Nine arrested for selling fake NFL gear

Posted at 9:33 PM, Oct 22, 2017

Close to a dozen suspects are in hot water after Orchard Park Police said they sold phony NFL gear.

Aljameen Vogelsang, 41 of Buffalo, Thomas Vogelsang, 58 of Buffalo, Dwayne McDonald, 44 of Merztown, PA, Daniel Kind, 59 of Buffalo, NY, Leon Shears, 34 of Bronx, NY, Ali Baxter, 42 of Bronx, NY, Bryant Woods, 52 of Buffalo, NY, Andre Johnson, 40 of Bronx, NY, and Joseph Rivera, 53 of Bronx, NY were all arrested for selling counterfeit N.F.L. merchandise. 

It’s unclear how the group was caught or how long investigators suspect they’d been selling fake items. 

According to investigators, all were arrested and charged with Trademark Counterfeiting and Soliciting without a Permit. All but one suspect was released from the Erie County Holding Center on bail.